Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jennifer's Baby Shower

Bill's brother Jim and sister-in-law Doreen look on as their daughter, Jennifer, begins to open presents.  They have a home in the woods near Geneseo, and their outdoor pergola hosted the event on a beautiful day.

Jennifer is surrounded by some of the guests and a large pile of presents.  She is a high school counselor in Virginia and is expecting her first child in December.  Doreen's relatives are in the background.

Some of the grand-nephews think about a swim.  The pond looked inviting, and the central fountain adds an attractive focal point as well as providing needed aeriation.

Bill is attending his first baby shower.  As you can see, he was disappointed there weren't games to play, but overall enjoyed the day very much.  One of Doreen's nieces who came to the shower was a favorite student of his at Finger Lakes Community College some 30 years ago!

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