Sunday, August 15, 2010

More harvesting....

We have a large crop of bell peppers already picked, and more to come.  The wet, hot weather has increased the yield in individual size and quality, as well has quantity.  These five-gallon pails will make many meals for the freezer.

The yellow and green summer squash are also profuse in quantity and still producing in mid-August.  Our tomatoes, while hurt by late season blight, may still produce enough for table and canning.  We hope so, as our supply of tomato sauce is running low, and we need to refill the canning cupboard.

Some of our work pays off, as stuffed peppers emerge from the oven and are placed in packages for freezing and later use.

The zucchini serves as a shredded base for chocolate cakes, which will meet the same fate in filling up freezer space for future use.  Bill prefers the zucchini cookies, which were also produced today by the dozens, while Marcia favors the cake.  Like Jack Spratt and wife, we make a good pair!

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