Sunday, August 8, 2010

August gardens

A nice stand of cana lillies marks the front of a line of producing grapes and everbearing red raspberries.  Their wonderful red color provides an accent point and a nice contrast to the shades of green marking the entrance to our formal garden array.

Our spring gardens usually last into the summer with a display of oriental lillies.  Our resident deer herd (rats with hooves!!!) has decimated them this year, and Marcia has spend several days totally weeding the area.  Her trusty low-mileage car (a 1997 Bravada no less) is in the background because our driveway has recently been sealed and our garage is "off limits" for a few days.

Late-season blight is again attacking our tomatoes this year.  Bill tries to control the spread and protect the plants from horn worms and other insects.  We lost most of them last year, and we'll see how things go.  This is the same disease that caused the potato famine in Ireland and other European countries in the middle 1800's. 

Our perennial flowers begin to show.  Blue thistle globes and bee balm attract bumblebees and butterflies.  The pergola has autumn clematis and climbing roses getting ready to flower, and the morning glories will soon cover the lattice work -- nature's work at its finest!
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