Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Energy returns

We have had a few minor problems that required a visit from Tad, who was the project coordinator on our studio addition.  Here he is on the roof of the new bathroom, checking on the fan vent.

The fire code required an entrance to the space above the bathroom ceiling, and Tad used it to gain access to the pictured light and fan unit.  His original attempt to fix a problem with cold air coming into the room had resulted in a broken part, and he returned with the proper replacement.

We also asked him to fabricate a new valence for the door in the studio from some left-over recycled douglas fir that remained from the studio construction.  The old valence is on the table, and the newly-installed unit now matches the rest of the wood in the studio.

Inspector Suki was interested in the repair work and  considered climbing the ladder to check out the attic space.  Fortunately, she decided to complete her inspection at ground level!
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