Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter in Palmyra

We are having a good stretch of cold weather with some snow squalls every day. The light fluffy stuff is devoid of moisture and causes no particular problem as the plows easily push it aside. However, the roads are slippery and icy, and drivers who don't slow down end up in the ditch.

Our back deck and fish pond area acquires its usual snow mantle. The heater floating in the pond keeps the ice open for oxygen intake and serves as an outlet for toxic gases to escape -- the result is healthy fish!

Our neighbor, Marty Kinslow, keeps our front driveway and parking area well plowed. We exchange this service for storage space in one of our barns. Marty is very reliable and, if needed, will plow several times a day.

This is our home as seen from the road in a front view. The north-facing studio windows are on the right side of the picture. Despite the weather, intrepid art quilters come often to work on projects and plan new ones.

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