Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sunset and Suki

The usual January thaw arrived with some bright sunny days and rising temperatures. The beautiful sunsets closed these days that punctuated some relief from a cold winter spell.

The layered cumulus clouds provided a 30-minute light show as the sun descended toward the western horizon. Each frame was more brilliant that the one before. We'll have to learn how to use the movie function on our camera.....

Nancy Hicks uses this red bag to carry her featherweight sewing machine and she left it open for use. Inspector Suki checked it out as a possible spot for a nap.

Suki's role as defender of the property was put to the test. A large black fluffy intruder appeared at the door one recent evening. Suki immediately responded and then took up a sentry position in a chair near the door and remained ready to repulse any invasion!

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