Friday, January 29, 2010

Starting my jacket

It's always fun to have one of Priscilla's classes here at the studio, and I took advantage of the opportunity to join in the jacket making.

I've been wanting to see what I could do with the beautiful silk scraps that my friend, Marcia Murphy, shared with me and decided to incorporate them into a kimono-style jacket.

Many luscious pieces, but most of them in odd shapes and small sizes, make it a challenge to decide which ones to use.

The color choices changed many times before I settled on the purple and green pieces.

The back and the two front panels are "roughed in."

The front panels will have less organic and more hard-line geometric shapes to better match the rectangle shapes on the back panel.

The sleeves will be made from more of the dark purple fabric, and the front band will be black.

Hopefully there will be time next week to work on it some more....
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