Monday, January 4, 2010

Trunk Show in Perinton

Marcia was invited to present a trunk show to the Perinton Quilt Quild. Here members gather prior to the meeting, and the boxes holding some 60+ pieces of Marcia's work are on the table.

Friends Barb Seils and Pat Berardi helped Marcia with her narrative by holding up the quilt under comment.

Note - Marcia is wearing the wonderful antique Shaman's coat which came from Vietnam and was carried home with Priscilla Kibbee's many treasures.

After the show, the audience examined the quilts as Marcia answered questions about materials and process. As a former member of the Guild, Marcia knew many of the attendees and enjoyed seeing old friends.

More inspections and comments are exchanged as the evening concludes. One of the audience members told Bill that "he married well" as the gathering dispersed.

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