Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Gardens -4

The astilbe plant, featuring pale lavendar-pink flowers, make a good choice for a semi-shady spot. They add a touch of color for the area off the back deck, which features the fish pond and waterfall.

A wet month of June helped produce a crop of plump, sweet red raspberries (along with a smattering of yellow ones). We will enjoy them right up until frost!

Our deck plantings are doing well. However, the purple basil at either end of the flower box were irresistable to some visting critter. We thought they would be safe so close to the house. We were wrong!

The rest of our herbs are doing okay up against the house on the back deck. They would prefer hot sunny weather, but such days have been limited this summer. Maybe August will be more to their liking.
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