Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mola Shopping

Priscilla returned recently from her trip to Panama and the San Blas Islands. She said it was harder this trip to accumulate her usual stash of high-quality molas, but she returned with many, many beautiful pieces.

These are the ones that I couldn't resist, even though I have amassed a pretty good collection from her previous trips!

Her molas sell out quickly, as evidenced by pieces being spoken for right from the pictures on her blog

They all wonderful and it's hard to choose, but I ended up with some of my favorite geometric patterns and some more traditional patterns.

I also selected a couple of the traditional bird designs, with thoughts of a turquoise jacket in mind....

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Pat Pauly said...

Okay, i think that it is time for a few challenges. Like, what to do with these Priscilla molas, for one. I suggest we gather and bring our favorite and let it be the inspiration, but not part of the piece. Wadda ya say?