Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chores inside and out

Our very large fenced pasture requires a lot of regular maintenance. Bill is trimming the electrified wire fence line from encroaching bushes and trees.

The material is collected in the bucket of the old tractor. The refuse is then transported to the burn pile on the "back forty." We'll dispose of collection in the late fall.

Since we have more red raspberries than we can eat, we are freezing them individually. They will then be stored in the freezer to be consumed a few at a time as appetites and receipes require.

Other raspberries (a combination of red and purple) are pureed in the food processor and then strained to make juice. This will go into the freezer and then will be transformed into jelly as need and time permit.

We enjoy our property very much. Keeping things under control is a full-time and demanding chore!

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