Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Gardens -1

A little weeding job on the purple raspberry patch turned into a 1/2 day chore as we pulled weeds and topped next year's growth. The developing berries are now open to the sun and look good. We had fertilized heavily last fall, and the plants enjoyed good growth -- and the weeds prospered too!

The perennial grasses reach four to six feet in height, and the wet June has added to their growth. It was windy today, and the moving grass looked like ocean waves. We like this garden at any time of the year.

The vegetable garden has done well. From right to left -- peppers, onions, spinach, winter and summer squash, and corn are coming along. We do constant battle with weather and the always-present critters above ground, below ground, and flying around -- glad we don't do this to make a living!!

New rows of beans come up as an extension to rows of earlier planting. We use hoops and netting to keep them safe (we hope!). Tomato plants at the right have been hit with blight, like tomatoes all throughout our area. We've sprayed with a fungicide and hope for the best.
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