Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sewing Day

Beth is working on cutting and sewing pieces for her new creation -- a Bird of Paradise flower. She creates a pattern of shapes on tracing paper and selects appropriate fabric pieces to pin up on her composition. Her completed pelican, using the same construction technique, is displayed to the right. It will grace the walls of her new beach home in North Carolina!!

Priscilla ponders her next step as she continues to give life and color to her newest jacket. An experienced teacher and construction artist, she will be helping a group of jacket makers with this new pattern. It is always a pleasure to watch her wonderful color and pattern choices as the creation takes form!

Marcia is back working on her latest jacket. In addition to the mola for the back of the jacket, she's going to use 3 Hmong collars from Vietnam and a wonderful woven fabric from Thailand that we think has a dragon design.... or is it a snake? It's been very time consuming to de-construct (unsew) the Hmong embroidery from the collars and remove the seams from the woven fabric -- many, many small stitches had been put in place by the original seamstresses.

Inspector Suki enjoyed all the visitors and had more people to let her in and out the studio door. In the afternoon she settled down for a nap in a tent constructed in a stuffed chair amid the busy artists' effors.
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