Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Mighty Hunter

Suki, The Inspector, closely examines all possible hiding places in her domain on a daily basis. Here she checks out a wastebasket in the studio. If she finds nothing of interest, sometimes she will chase her tail, sometimes curl up and rest.

Her very favorite activity is hunting and running around outdoors. Here she has chased a chipmunk up the fence in the horse pasture. Unnoticed by Suki, the prey has moved down the fence to the next post. Suki is standing up at the bottom of the post on the left, while the chipmunk is on the top of the post on the right.

Suki climbs the fence post and wonders, Where did that critter go? The critter waits patiently on the post at the right, confident that Suki will soon lose interest and move on.

The chipmunk came down from the post, eluded pursuit from Suki once more, and scampered off around the barn into a clump of trees. Inspector Suki chases bugs, butterflies, leaves, birds, and many types of small four-footed creatures. She delights in all this activity, and while we understand the dangers of dealing with a cat who has outside access, we would be loath to cage her inside at this stage of her life.
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