Monday, October 6, 2008

New Lawn

We were not pleased with the gravel that surrounded our new water line -- too heavy and filled with big stones which are tough on the horses' feet. As part of the new lawn, we will dig up the top layer and replace it with stone dust.

Our landscaper called today and said he could fit us in this afternoon as bad weather had delayed one of his other jobs. We sprang into action, moved the horses to the front pasture, and hauled the stall refuse to the garden. The picture shows Pat and his crew with the aptly named "rock hound" beginning ground treatment prior to seeding.

Although safely removed from harm, Crystal does not like the noise or the strange machine -- might be a horse-eating monster, you know! Her older, more-experienced companion ignores the disturbance and concentrates on filling his food needs.

A heavy frost is predicted for tonight so we managed to find time for a final(?) harvest. We had wonderful crops of peppers, summer squash, and fall red raspberries. The first week in October is a slightly later-than-normal end to our growing season!
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