Sunday, October 5, 2008

Closing Camp

The camp, from the lake view, is put to rest for the winter. We drove up today to pick up brother Ken's cars and to turn off electricity and make arrangements for the plumber to attend to the draining and winterizing pipes duties. Some repairs are scheduled by a local contractor before the snow flies!

There were no boats on the water, but the maple trees were sprouting full color. There are more year-around residents each year, but after Labor Day, silence and solitude prevail!

The island and the shoreline present a pretty reflection every day any time of the year. This is the view from the dock.

The modified Jeep Rubicon ( a wonderful off-road vehicle) is ready for a trip back to Palmyra for winter storage in one of our barns. Marcia is ready to climb aboard for the bouncy ride home. Too bad she can't come cross country all the way!!
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