Monday, June 9, 2008

Touring the Gardens

After seeing the studio, the people on the GVQC Garden tour went to see our gardens....

Some bush roses behind the horse barn greet the visitors as they head for the garden complex. Most of the gardens are conceptual and not particularly colorful. The roses add a nice touch of color.

The opening to the perennial garden always frames a nice entrance with foliage and sculpture.

The winding path from the gazebo with its granite pillar light, bridge, and cement bench leads the stroll to further delights down the way.

The rectangular beds of the perennial garden have been "dressed" for the event, and the late afternoon sun shines brightly on the eastern fence and its shrubbery adornment.

A pergola provides a resting spot along the way. Morning glories and clementis will cover the sides and top as the season progresses.

Blue rug juniper creeps along the stones and surrounds the mother bear and her cubs (the pink granite variety) as it marches along.

The dwarf blue spruce, the stage, and the skeleton of the Harry Lauder Walking Stick mark the southern end of this garden.

The right side of the picture displays one of the four entrances to the maze garden. The forsythia at the opening blends well with the vertical growth of the arborvitae.

If anyone recognizes the plant in the foreground, we would appreciate a note. It is a shade plant that will have orange flowers late in the season.

The tea garden stretches out towards the "summer sweet" border. All of our gardens were worked on and whipped into shape for this early event. Marcia and Bill contributed mightily, as did our wonderful and talented gardener, Karen Johnson.

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