Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sewing Day

Priscilla and Beth came to the studio today for a work session. Since Beth and I had taken over most of the work surfaces, Priscilla was relegated to cutting on the end of the sewing station.

Priscilla is working on a new jacket that was going to have orange fabrics, but is rapidly becoming a black jacket with lots of colorful embellishments. The crab mola for the back of the jacket has now been replaced by a terrific kitty mola.

Beth and I spent the day preparing for the upcoming shibori dyeing workshop. We wrapped 1/2 yard pieces of pfd fabric on various sizes of pvc pipes and then folded and clamped more pieces that will hopefully create some interesting patterns when they're dyed.

This piece of fabric was stitched to create a sleeve to fit over the pole. It was then scrunched down the pole and secured with rubber bands. The remaining ruffle of fabric was "fluffed" out. This should give us some great lines on the fabric.
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