Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shibori Dyeing at Bev's

Bev hosted our group of shibori dyers at her farm and let us use space in her barn for some of our work tables and for the dyeing. Our wrapped poles and folded/clamped fabrics were dunked in the dye buckets. We stirred/agitated for 15 minutes and then added soda ash. And then it was another hour of soaking in the dyes before we could start rinsing out the fabrics.

While the sun was only out for part of the day, some of the dyers set up their work tables on the lawn. While waiting for the fabrics that were in the dye buckets, people were busy preparing more fabrics for the next round of dyeing.

These are some of the fabrics which were laid out on the lawn after being rinsed.

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