Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shuffling the Cars

Each year we deliver the Jeep (which belongs to Marcia's brother) to the cottage on Chase Lake in the Adirondack Park. We stopped on the way as usual at the nice community park in Mexico, NY, for a picnic lunch. This marks the half-way point on the 150-mile trip, and Bill re-enters the Yukon as we leave for part 2 of the trip.

The Jeep reaches the camp, and Marcia enjoyed (?) her bouncy ride along the way. Marcia's brother, Ken, and wife, Patty, will spend many happy hours exploring off-road trails in the area. The Jeep carries its own spare gas tanks (the red cans mounted on the rear of the car.)

We delivered another of Ken's cars to the private airport where he will land in his plane from the Boca Raton airport in Florida. The car was left at the cottage over the winter, and somehow the power source for the battery charger had been turned off. It took us some time and lots of hope to get the "Z" started. Marcia really enjoys zipping this sports car around the roads from the cottage to the airport. The Yukon driver has to hustle to keep her in view!

The private airport is owned and maintained by a local pilot who is a crop duster. He also retro-fits airplanes with appropriate hardware for spraying. The tanker at left is used to transport his material to the job site.

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