Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Summer Day

Suki, the Siamese kitty and resident Princess, and Millie, the feral interloper, do not interact.  They periodically cross paths, and here Suki crosses the deck in an unusual approach to a sleeping Millie.

The perennial garden is green and verdant with the rains we've had this summer.  Various shades of color alternate with the bloom schedules, always framed by grass and shrubbery.

An English walnut tree stands guard outside the fence at the south end of this part of our garden complex.  Of course, the fruit was originally from Persia, but the imperial English empire renamed it along with other claims of their conquest.

The purple thistles attract bees, and the butterfly bush in the background awaits its visitors.

One of the pergolas provides a spot to sit and enjoy this symphony of color.

The lily pond and resident frogs are part of the gazebo garden and are another pleasant stop along the way.  The difficult-to-control duckweed is visable on the surface between the pads.

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