Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kitty Update

Quilts are shipped out to juried shows on a frequent basis so it's not unusual to have boxes out on the table.

We have to check the tubes and boxes. though, to make sure Suki doesn't go along!

Millie likes companionship and follows Marcia to the garden.  She likes newly weeded ground for a soft resting spot.  She watches all the activity with a great deal of interest -- as long as she can keep her distance.

Our neighborhood cat, Mr. Boots, often comes along.  He shows up for breakfast and supper every day, and we often see him nearby during the rest of the day.

Millie shares her bench (but not her rug) with another neighborhood cat.  We don't know where the orange guy comes from, but he gladly finishes up any leftover food.

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