Saturday, September 13, 2014

In the garden

This wonderful, scary spider, or a close relative, appears each year some place in our garden.  This iteration took residence in our red raspberries.  We dare you to reach in there!

We don't know the name of this yellow-flowering beauty, but enjoy it never-the-less.  It likes the shade, and blooms every year without needing much attention.  Isn't it nice that nature presents her gifts, labeled or not...

We have multiple plantings of this Jack Frost, with their beautiful veined leaf pattern, and pretty small blue flowers in the spring.  We thought two of them were lost over the harsh winter and acquired two more --- Now we have four!

We have many groupings of hostas.  We should find time to separate them and start others.  There are always more jobs than time in our extensive gardens!


Elizabeth said...

It's an Orb Weaver spider and the first one I ever saw was at your house!

Marcia said...

There's more than one.... Including one that's on the inside of the barn door!!