Sunday, September 7, 2014


More evidence of a bountiful harvest!
The tomatoes on the left came from plants raised from seed by Jane Kuitems at her Herb Farm in Webster and are an example of her heirloom collection.  We always get several of her plants for our garden.

The red raspberries are a result of our careful care and year-round attention to the bushes.  We have been picking two, and sometimes three, quarts each day.  We freeze those that aren't eaten, by spreading them out on trays in the freezer before boxing them up. 

Our green peppers were perfect this year, and certainly larger than usual.  They, along with the whole garden, prospered with the 7 inches of rain in July!

Of course, we made stuffed peppers -- several panfuls to fill the freezer.  They make a quick and delicious meal on a winter night!

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