Saturday, May 10, 2014

Night and Day Opening


My friends and I in the Peeps group (The Art Quilt People) hosted the opening of our Night and Day exhibit at the Wayne County Council for the Arts in Newark, NY.

For the "gallery talk," each artist spoke about the pieces she created for the exhibit -- the inspirations for the works and the materials and processes that were used.

This is Anne Anderson, talking about her piece, Explosion.

This is Pat Pauly and her pieces on the left, Dusk / Dawn.

My pieces are behind Pat -- Red Twilight and Daybreak.

Nancy Hicks talked about her pieces, Soweto, South Africa - Then and Now.

This is Mary Wieser, talking about her piece, Hostage of the Night.

Behind Mary are the two pieces done by Linda Bachman, Light of Day and Calm of Night.

Our wonderful spread of "goodies" furnished by the Peeps and the Arts Council featured a nice variety of snacks, which were very popular and well received.

Here some of our visitors pay rapt attention as another presentation was being made.

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