Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mouse hunting

We have a pergola in our gardens completely covered by an autumn clematis.  It is a nice shaded spot with a nice view of several of our developed areas.

Our feral cat, Millie, spotted a mouse nest and moving targets in the brush ceiling. 

She went up a post to see if they were a possible treat.

She achieved her upper-reaches goal and pondered how to get around the beam which separated her from the tasty meal.

A real dilemma presented, and Marcia approached to offer assistance and/or advice -- and our friend wanted neither.  Marcia went to the barn and brought back a step-ladder to climb to the rescue.  

Millie refuses any human touch and took a flying leap through the foliage and scampered away -- free again!

1 comment:

CrazyCatLady said...

Oh Millie!! I feel that way about humans sometimes, but you really gotta give Marcia a chance!!