Thursday, September 26, 2013

Root Cellar work

Our root cellar has been showing signs of rain leaking in for several years.  As it is a good place to store winter-used vegetables and some plant potting materials, we had the problem tackled.

This is a picture before remediation attempts.

The porch above it was power washed, patched, and sealed.  Much of the problem seemed to be from this source, which is the ceiling to the underground space.

The old shelving was removed, some of which will be reused.  A moisture barrier was placed on the dirt floor and crushed stone was added to provide the new base.

Several coats of sealing compound are in place on the ceiling and walls.  As it dries further, we will wait for a good rain to check for any leaks.  We have our fingers crossed!

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Elizabeth said...

Nice to see all the posts

Marcia said...

Thanks, Beth... Trying to get caught up!!