Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Momma Kitty

One of the  more interesting interactions takes place between the kittens and their mother, who remains feral and will not accept human touch.

This pictures was taken on our deck, so she is venturing away from her safe spot in the barn and getting very close to the house.

The kittens appear to have separate fathers (who knew?) and yet are from the same litter.  We have learned that after nursing stops, mother cats have little connection to their babies. 

Here the male kitten approaches his feral mom where she likes to lie in the flower bed and is ignored.

The female kitten appears nearby and is met with the same indifference.  As long as they don't try to eat her food, she is usually calm in their presence.

After outdoor experience, the kittens cuddle up on the studio couch for a nap.  Of course, they have their own fleece blanket for warmth and comfort.
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