Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mid-summer Splendor

A sunny hot summer has presented many perfect days.  Here, twilight and the setting sun reflected on the cumulus clouds top off another.

We have had to water our canna lillies every other day, but the reward has been their wonderful blooms.  We'll have to dig up the tubers and store them inside this winter, but, as you can see, it's worth it.

Our globe thistles have come into full flower.  Hardy and spectacular, they produce each year with little care.   We always collect a few for drying when the head starts to turn blue and before the flowers pop out. The pollen-seeking bees love them too!

The yellow yarrow and other plantings brighten up the mid-summer perennial gardens.  The convoluted eros boulder adds contrast and interest.  Double clicking will show moss growing on the stone.

Our 20+ year-old barrel cactus adds an indoor flower to the summer display.

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Anonymous said...

The Lily is spectacular! It's jumping right off the screen into my lap. Liz