Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot Summer

Inspector Suki seeks shade from the sting of 90+ degree days that we recently endured.  She finds some under a studio visitor's parked car.  As you can see, she remains on the alert!

We have had to water every couple of days to keep our vegetables growing.  We have a well with unlimited capacity (We hope!) and hundreds of feet of hose to reach the required distance.  Our plants are also under attack from hungry and thirsty critters and our hoops and netting help thwart most of their forays.

Our "back forty" was planted with wheat this summer.  The harvest is complete, and the straw has been baled to use as bedding in the cow barns of the large dairy farm that leases our land.

Our forty-year old trumpet vine tree must have deep roots.  It faithfully presents a spectacular show each year, and we never add a drop of water!

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