Thursday, July 21, 2011


From the left: Pat Pauly, Donna Lamb (Schweinfurth Director), and Linda Bachman.

We were gathering at the Museum in Auburn to hear artist Jane Dunnewold discuss her recent work from her Sacred Planet series. Works from this series are digitally printed cloth. Mirror images of the artist's original photographs generate intricate designs and elaborate, overall patterning. This series is composed of thirteen panels, each of which is a collage of digitally printed fabrics, dyed and over-printed with map and weather imagery.

The exhibit is up until August 21, and Jane will be speaking at the Museum again Monday evening, July 25.

Jeanne Simpson and Pat Pauly are Co-Reps for the SAQA organization's upstate New York area. They hosted a Welcome table for members and prospective members.
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Anonymous said...

Can't believe i missed you! I'll be at Monday's tour. I was exhausted last week! Thanks for the photos. Liz