Saturday, June 4, 2011

Project Iron Quilter

Priscilla Kibbee, Beth Brandkamp and I were the committee for the Project Iron Quilter contest at the Genesee Valley Quilt Club Show.
The contest was based on the TV shows Project Runway and the Iron Chef, and we challenged 20 contestants to create and complete a quilt in 3 1/2 hours. The contestants were allowed to bring only one piece of fabric no larger than one yard. At 10:00 they selected a theme for their quilt, choosing from 10 different words. They were then given time to grab additional fabric from the piles on tables in the middle of the room. At 10:30 they were allowed to sew. With one 1/2 hour break, they continued sewing until 2:30. The quilts were then judged, Viewer's Choice ballots counted and prizes awarded, followed by an auction to benefit Gilda's Club.

Our participants:

 1 Linda Bachman           2 Kathy Carman
 3 Vicky Coykendall        4 Jessie Drew-Cates
 5 Diane Enerson            6 Kathie Everett
 7 Anne Fischer              8 Kathleen Gaines
 9 Kris Gideon              10 Ann Hawkins
11 Nancy Hicks            12 Glynis Hunt
13 Maureen Jakubson   14 Joyce Martelli
15 Patty Pizzicato         16 Janet Root
17 Jeanne Simpson       18 Louise Tiemann
19 Ruth White              20 Mary Wieser

All the participants completed their quilts by the end of the contest!  Paula Kavorik and Carol Soderlund served as judges, and the top prize of a Bernina sewing machine went to Kathi Everett.

Here is a link to pictures from our day taken by Ken Reek, our President's husband:

And for more pictures of the day's events that I took and that went kindly sent by Liz Anderson, go to

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