Monday, June 13, 2011

Award of Merit

I have three pieces in the juried all-media show, Images 2011, which is part of the Central PA Festival of the Arts at Penn State University.

My friend and fellow fiber artist, Sue Reno, also has a piece in the show. She attended the opening and provided these pictures, along with the good news that one of my entries, Storm Clouds at Sunrise, won an Award of Merit!

Sue reported that it's a very good show, but the truly remarkable thing about it is found in Ron Rumford's juror's statement. Here's a quote:
"Upon reviewing all submissions for Images 2011, a particularly strong group of textile works set the bar high. Their structures--pieced quilts built from shapes of cloth and constructed by stitching are from a grand tradition of functional and utilitarian work that now straddles high art with highly sophisticated design, pattern and color and the folk art tradition of quilt making. The approach of these 6 artists varies significantly and strengthened the impact within the overall pool of submissions. It soon became clear that these works would become the fulcrum on which the exhibition wanted to be balanced."

I agree with Sue when she said "... how wonderful that Mr. Rumford "gets" what it is
that we fiber/textile artists do! Very encouraging."

Storm Clouds is at the left and Jet Trails #8 is at the far right.

Whirlpool is on the right.

Sue Reno with her "Watt and Shand #4."


Rebecca said...

Marcia! Congratulations on your award AND on the strong showing by you, Sue and others in the fiber category. Your artwork looks amazing hanging in the show!
I also heard you were selected for a publication by Sandra Sider - congratulations!!!


Marcia said...

Thanks so much, Becky! (and thanks for reminding me to post the info on the State of the Art publication too!)

Sue Reno said...

Congratulations again, Marcia, it was a pleasure to see your work "in person" at the show!

Marcia said...

Thanks, Sue! And thanks again for sending all the pictures and info!