Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring cleaning

Another ritual of the season is pond work.  It is not often done with snow flakes in the air, but double clicking on the picture will bring some into view.  A brisk wind and 36-degree temperatures made the job a difficult experience this year.

The upper level of the deck installation is hosed as Dave Young, partner of Clearly Aquatics, makes his way up the walk after working on the lily pond behind the barn.

An early algae growth on the stones is treated with powder as Dave finishes "sucking" up last year's residue.  He doesn't enjoy working on the cobblestone base of our construction.  He and his partner flip a coin every year to determine who draws our work.  Dave lost!

Bill stays bundled up and performs his duties as resident Kibitzer and supervisor.  After the workers leave, it takes a few hours to refill the ponds with water.  We have a well with unimited capacity, which helps this part of the process!

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