Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Signs of Spring

 A long, hard winter is being followed by a late, cool spring (Hardly seems fair!).  The familiar signs of season change are near. 

We've added hoops and protective netting over the tulips in our raised beds, in hopes of deterring the deer who've already been grazing here.  The daffodils that are blooming in the back bed hold no interest to the deer.

Our weeping willow trees deposit a collection of branches and leaves that are raked up into piles.  Some bush trimmings from the front row line of trees join the collection.

The old tractor picks up more refuse and heads for the burn pile out back.  The tractor has been sent to the repair shop for some tune up work.  As a 1968 vintage, it may need a lot of rejuvination.  We'll find out when the service manager calls!

The peepers will soon be out, and a tree frog sticks to the studio window.  Maybe he likes quilts?
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