Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sewing day

Beth has progressed beyond the background fabrics for her Lions composition, and you can see the beginnings of the lions taking shape.   There's still a lot of intricate piecing on her agenda! 

Priscilla (who is hiding under her quilt....)  has moved into the quilting phase with her Leaves composition, and is using "invisible" thread on her leaves of many colors. 

Priscilla is working to get the quilting done on this piece for an upcoming show.  We keep telling her that she can no longer claim that she's not a quilter.... :-)  That title is now added to her other titles which include Wearable Artist and World Traveler.

Suki makes sure that she helps all studio visitors feel at home -- by taking naps on their chairs when she's not asking them to let her in and out of the studio door.

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