Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quick trip to Chase Lake


Friends Pat, Bev, and Jeanne volunteered to help move the Jeep from its winter home in our barn to its summer place at Chase Lake in the Adirondacks.  Bev got to ride up with me in the Jeep, while Jeanne was in charge of driving us all back home.

After a picnic lunch, it was time to check out the views of the lake.   And we also had to test out the new dock.

We were visited by a mama duck and her two babies, and we grabbed our cameras.  They swam and posed for us for several minutes, and I'm sure they were hoping that we had brought them some snacks.

This looks like the babies are waiting for Mom's next instruction.  Most of the time, they were paddling close behind her.

From Pat's camera -- another view of the lake from the dock.

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