Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dyeing Experiments

Several months ago I found three bottles of dye solution in my freezer -- golden yellow, fuschia, and intense blue. I let them thaw and left them sitting at room temperature until a few days ago.

My fabric had been soaked in soda ash and dried. I placed the folded fabrics on plastic and poured the dyes over them. I covered the fabric with plastic and let them batch in the sun.

The question was, How much color would result from such old dye solution?
(... more than you'd expect!)

The piece on the right was yellow with a small bit of the blue, while the piece on the left was given all three colors.

The pieces on the left are showing quite a bit of color, and the piece on the right was given whatever dyes where left over.

These two yards are the result of trying out some brush strokes with both thickened and un-thickened dyes. The fabric was previously dyed a light pink color and then soaked in soda ash.
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