Monday, June 28, 2010

More summer flowers - 2

Our water lillies are getting old and may need general replacement soon.  It is still nice to enjoy the beauty of the occasional flower, and the frogs to enjoy the leaves as floating rest stops.  The criss-cross shadows are formed by the sun shining through the lattice and netting across the pergola covering this pond.  The little plants are the encroaching growth called "duck weed."

The nice red blossoms are from lambs ears rose campion (lychnis)and are interspersed with various ferns in the perennial garden.  They make a nice contrast and a beautiful composition.

[Thanks to friend Pat Pauly for correcting the identity of the flowers!]

The baby's breath in the foreground nears full flower, and the red growth on the bayberry adds a subtle emphasis to this picture.

The hostas in the left front do well in the shade.  Not all things grow without problems.  The white wrapped trunk of the dead Japanese maple cries out for replacement.  We'll look for something with height and a spreading crown.
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