Monday, April 12, 2010

Pond Cleaning Day

The boys from "Clearly Aquatics" showed up to clean our ponds.  Pumps are used to empty the winter snow melt, and here a worker readies the hose connection to work on the upper level pond behind our house and the deck.

We have the disliked cobblestone lining for our lower pond.  The owners of the company have a coin toss each year, and the loser gets to clean the leaves and sticks out of the crannies and crevices.  Dave Young lost the flip and tackles the odious task.

Shawn Howard and Bill discuss the condition of our lilly pond at the head of our behind-the-barn gardens.  Shawn is also reporting on his troubles in selling and buying a residence for his family.

We have a serious infestation of "duck weed" in the lilly pond, which multiplies quickly and covers the surface of the water.  The treatment with a systemic herbacide would kill the flowers and plants in the pots on the bottom of the rubber-lined pond.  We don't have a good alternative, but will try a pond skimmer and some form of an overflow water treatment.  As all of us gardeners know, there are always problems to challenge our attempts to regulate nature!!
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