Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn scenes

As the old saying goes, "Time waits for no man" (or woman). The inexorable rotation of seasons moves silently and seamlessly from one to another. Here the old tractor faithfully pulls the bush hog mower through the large horse pasture. It is a good four-hour job and hopefully will hold until spring growth.

Some pears join the canning parade. There are only a few pears left for eating out-of-hand or in a fruit salad. So we think this might (finally) be the end of the canning work for this season...

The wonderful "Autumn Clementis" reaches full flower as it covers a garden pergola with a ceiling of shade and beauty. This plant grows some 20 feet in a year, and once established, thrives in just about any growing situation.

The "Japanese Anenome" is both delicate and sturdy, and finishes up the flowering season in fine style.

The sedum plants grow in the shade and wait all summer to release their distinctive blossoms. If left, they will dry to a deep brown on their stems as winter arrives.

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