Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Trimming in the Perrenials

Mid-summer is a good time to control new growth in the formal perennial planting. Most of the flowers are in bloom and harvest is near for any wanted for drying.

Karen Johnson, our long-time landscaper, and one of her assistants, Clarence, tackle the job at hand. He fashions some bayberry, and she is trimming some spreading greenery. The west wall is made of timbers, and the area inside is a raised bed.

We have some mature Korean boxwood along the east boundary. Their rounded form trims beautifully, and Andre has almost completed this area.

Our pergola is covered by climbing roses and a late-blooming clementis. There are chairs and benches for a viewing spot here. The globe thistles at the left retain their blue color if picked before they open totally, and add to winter dried flower creations.

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