Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer flowers & visitors

We have no resident horses, but many deer visit during the day and night and have adopted the large fenced pasture as their own. Here a mother deer and fawn are close to the house and have come up to the fence line.

These delicate iris in the front of the house continue to expand and produce wonderful flowers. As previously mentioned, these plants were a gift from the Berardi's when they moved to their current residence. We enjoy them very much.

It has been a good year for roses. This bush adorns a pole at roadside and flourishes in a semi-shady spot and within 10 feet of road -- You never know!!

We have had this prickly pear cactus since the early '90s when our friend Dorothy gave us a small piece of her plant. It used to live outdoors year round, but lately we've kept it in a container and move it outside in the summer (very carefully!). It produces very pretty yellow flowers, and you can see the first few in bloom here.
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