Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 GVQC Garden Tour - part 2

Carol and Keith Boas, across-the-street neighbors of the Dailor's, open their landscape to visitors. They have a beautiful enclosed porch and a deck over looking their backyard.

The deck leads to a stone stairs, which heads out to well-developed gardens. The quilt was a special display only for the day (we think!)

The front yard features a colorful border strip which contained many species whose blossoms are in full flower. The sale of tickets from this event helps the Club Scholarship fund, which offers help to needy club members who apply to attend guild workshops and classes.

The small water feature is complete with lovely water lillies and is one of many focal points in this lush collection of well-manicured gardens. The gardens are all fenced in to protect them from the resident deer. The property backs up to a 55-acre "forever green" area that is part of this development. The neighborhood residents all seem to appreciate the special nature of this area and well-developed lawns and plantings are evident throughout.

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