Thursday, June 4, 2009

GVQC Quilt Show

The Genesee Valley Quilt Club is holding its largest-ever quilt show on the campus of RIT.

I agreed to help Nancy Hicks organize and hang two special exhibits of art quilts. We decided that the quilts, which are in the 12-inch range, would be pinned to sheets.

Here is Nancy holding the hanging rod with a sheet, while Pat Jeanmarie climbs the ladder to fasten the rod in place.

We have the quilts arranged in the order we want to display them. We're very happy that we have enough space to show them "gallery style", so each quilt can be seen and studied individually.

These quilts are a traveling trunk show organized by SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) of NY.

Four of us from our local area have pieces in this exhibit.
The piece in the center of this group was created by Priscilla Kibbee.

The piece on the right was created by Pat Pauly, and the one in the center, by Ren Vasiliev.

And the piece on the right in this group is my Jet Trails #7.

We also hung a wonderful collection of art quilts from Major Minors, a group of quilters from the country of South Africa.

The first quilt was done by Rosalie Dace, who has taught art quilting classes in our local area.

Janet Root is in charge of the quilt hanging for the show, which includes about 625 quilts submitted by members. Beth Brandkamp has been especially busy organizing the quilts in the contemporary/art category.

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