Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quilts in Process

This is next piece in my series of Jet Trail quilts --- Jet Trails #7.

I've had the blocks sewn together for a couple of months, but wasn't ready to pronounce in "done."

I tried adding more blue shapes and even an additional small dark block. But in the end, the only change I made was to invert the blue shape in the bottom row.

The next decision to be made is what type of quilting lines to add.

This "Blocks" quilt has been in my "to finish someday" pile for quite a long time.

The light-colored shapes along the edges of the piece looked incomplete on the white design wall. So to "finish" it, I added the gray shapes at the edges.
Now it just needs to be quilted...

I've been enjoying the opening of the individual flowers on this stalk -- each is a little orchid. The leaves on the plant are very soft and velvety, and lovely year-round. I bought the plant at an orchid show in Fairchild Gardens in Miami, Florida, at least 8 years ago and don't remember its name.
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