Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Spring flowers

Although we had a mild winter, it is always a pleasure to see the early spring displays of color.  Here the serviceberry tree has its moment of glory.  Our new row of pines along the west side of the house serves as a nice frame.

The nicely aged fence line on the east side of the house shows off the yellow tulips and daffodils.  Again, another row of new pines serves as a contrast background. 

Our tulips in the back of the house have been thinned out by the deer and the burrowing critters who pull up the bulbs.

Another sparse grouping around a second tree -- time for some replanting!  Our resident cats don't help as they hop the fence to use both of these spots as a convenient bathroom....

Two more of our flower beds struggle to present their spring show.  The tulips are eaten off to ground level, but daffodils and grape hyacinths apparently don't taste good for deer treats -- thankfully!

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