Saturday, May 14, 2016

Artist as Quiltmaker

The AQM exhibition opens tomorrow, and I'm honored that my Doormats #2 quilt is included this year.  Click on "2016 Gallery" below to see some of the other quilts in the exhibit.
Doormats #2  (50h X 73w)





Artist as Quiltmaker XVII // May 15 - July 31, 2016
FAVA's 17th Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Quilts
FAVA's Main Gallery in the New Union Center for the Arts
39. S. Main Street, Oberlin Ohio
Free and Open to the Public

The Artist as Quiltmaker is the second-longest-running  art quilt exhibition in the world. This year's exhibition will feature the work of 32 artists from across North America, selected from a pool of over 300 entries.

FAVA deliberately chooses not to define “quilt,” thereby encouraging both established and emerging artists to submit innovative artwork, pushing boundaries and challenging expectations, whether they use traditional or non-traditional techniques or materials. Juror Mark Newport’s selection process was based on his belief that an artist should share their distinctive experiences with the viewer by combining materials, format, and content in a visually compelling fashion.

​Three groups of work were apparent to Newport: those most directly related to the history and traditions of quilting; others using the process of quilting – the layering and piecing - as a way to explore their ideas; and pieces that reflected the maker’s strong relationship to technology. Based on the entries received it was clear to Newport, “that artists working with quilt processes and exploring the quilt form are making dynamic and engaging work with many possibilities for future studio explorations.” Newport has selected a cohesive, compelling exhibition that clearly reflects the roots and traditions of quilt-making while harnessing new technologies in unexpected ways.

This year, we are delighted to show the works of first-time and previous AQM exhibitors

Welcoming New Artists:
Joanne Alberda  (Sioux City, IA) 
Andrea Alonge    (Pontiac, MI)
Nancy Bardach   (Berkeley, CA)
Jessica Blaustein (New York,NY)
Jan Brandt   (Bloomington, IL)
Anna Chupa  (Allentown, PA)
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill  (Woodbridge, CT)
Vicki Conley (Ruidoso Downs, NM)
Marcia DeCamp  (Palmyra, NY) 
Kim Eichler-Messmer  (Kansas City, MO)
Diane Franklin  (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Helen Geglio  (South Bend, IN)
Ann Harwell  (Wendell, NC)
Angela Heath  (Charlotte, NC)
Aryana B. Londir  (Phoenix, AZ)
Linda McLaughlin  (Weiser, ID)
Diane Melms  (Anchorage, AK)
Shea Wilkinson  (Omaha, NE)
       Celebrating Returning Artists​:
Jill Ault   (Ann Arbor, MI)
       Polly Bech   (Swarthmore, PA)
       Elizabeth Brandt  (Holland, MI)
       Eliza Brewster  (Honesdale, PA)
       Bonnie Bucknam  (Vancouver, WA)
       Shin-hee Chin  (McPherson, KS)
       Susan Krueger  (Bowling Green, OH)
       Liz Kuny  (Morristown, NJ)
       Valerie Maser-Flanagan  (Carlisle, MA)
       Kathy Nida  (El Cajon, CA)
       Judith Plotner  (Gloversville, NY)
       Ruan Robertson  (Bethesda, MD)
       Maya Schonenberger (Miami, FL)
       Marian Zielinski  (Macon, GA)

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