Friday, April 22, 2016

Pond Cleaning

Like many cycles in country life, Spring brings the pond cleaning ritual on our two ponds.  This year included a warm, sunny day.

The "Clearly Acquatics" crew led by co-owner Dave Young has been performing this task for almost 20 years.  Bill has supervised their job from the deck and claims real experience in this important function.

The cobblestone lining adds real beauty to the pond, but is very hard to clean as the smaller rocks often get sucked up the hose and block progress.  Every task on the farm presents a challenge.

The lily pond on another part of our property is protected by lattice and netting to filter the summer heat.  The gazebo, covered by the wisteria vines, is visible (sort of) in the right background.

The water lily plants are fertilized and placed along the bottom of the rubber lining.  Some of them are also 20 years old and are nearing the end of producing flowers.

In the waterfall pond off the deck, fish and water are returned to the pond.  We lost a few fish this winter and will soon be off in search of some replacements.  Our well water is used to refill both of our cleaned ponds.

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