Sunday, November 30, 2014


When I went to the garden on Thanksgiving to look for herbs for the turkey, everything was snow covered.  The pictures I posted here and on Facebook prompted a friend to ask if the rosemary plants would make it through the winter.

Unfortunately, we've never been able to keep any alive, even with lots of mulching and covering.

Usually, we just harvest all the branches and store them in plastic bags in the freezer, for use throughout the year.

This year's plants that we started with in the spring were quite a bit smaller than those we usually purchase.  While both plants did well and got quite a bit of growth, we decided  they would fit in some existing pots we had on hand.

So into pots they went, and we'll see how they like "wintering over" in a cool part of our lower level. 

Here's hoping they'll stay healthy and be ready to go back out to the garden in the spring....

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CrazyCatLady said...

Now I can't wait for spring to find out how the wintered over! I did try to bring one in the house once, but it was too dry or something -- didn't make it. Thanks for posting this Marcia.